4 Reasons Monarch Butterfly Chrysalis Makes the Perfect Gift for the Holidays

4 Reasons Monarch Butterfly Chrysalis Makes the Perfect Gift for the Holidays

A beautiful Monarch butterfly hatching from a chrysalis to take flight for the first time is an awe-inspiring sight. Giving your child the holiday present of a chrysalis to watch over and learn from is an educational gift that creates a lifetime memory. However, in addition to this, there are also other benefits.

4 Benefits of Giving a Monarch Butterfly Chrysalis as an Educational Gift

1. Helps Restore Butterfly Populations

Monarch butterflies are, unfortunately, on the decline in the wild. This is because of loss of accessibility to milkweed, habitat loss, and changes to the climate, which can make it more difficult for the butterflies to reach maturity. Because of this decline, hand-raising a chrysalis in a safe environment ensures that a butterfly has the ideal conditions to complete its growth cycle. Monarchs perform an integral role as pollinators and releasing healthy butterflies can help the planet.

2. Encourages Gardens to Thrive

In addition to being an eco-friendly gift, they can also be a gift that gives back. If you have a garden, you'll be introducing a helpful pollinator who will encourage flower growth. If you'd like to help the likelihood of butterflies visiting your home, you can also plant butterfly-friendly flowers and shrubs

3. Teaches Kids About Life Cycles

Providing the right conditions for a chrysalis, being patient, and releasing your butterfly once hatched, all provide teachable moments for your child. Consider giving the chrysalis alongside a book on monarch butterflies, so that you and your child can learn about the wonderful insects together. 

4. Promotes Patience & Responsibility

Waiting for a chrysalis to hatch can help increase your child's confidence and feelings of being responsible, as they see their patience pay off when the butterfly eventually hatches. Help your child count down by making a calendar for the time when you expect the butterfly to hatch. You could also plan a butterfly "birthday" with your child as an added part of the gift.

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Photos by Gita Abbott Photography

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