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Outdoor ocean front wedding with chrsyalis box at each seat as wedding favor in front of a Aloha sign in Ko Olina, Kapolei, Hawaii

A Unique Unboxing Experience:
Monarch Butterflies

Owner Henry with staff providing a company corporate business gifting experience allowing attendees to pick up their live monarch butterfly chrysalis box in Honolulu Hawaii

A Unique Unboxing Experience:
Monarch Butterflies

live monarch butterfly chrysalis boxes prefect as welcome gift favor by Paradise Monarchs now available all hawaii islands, including Big Island, Maui, Oahu, Kauai, and Lanai

A Unique Unboxing Experience:
Monarch Butterflies


In search of a small yet generous gift that promises a meaningful message? Our eco-friendly chrysalis boxes bring gifting to a new level. Regardless of occasion, monarch butterflies are a fit for many pivotal moments. Giving clients, teams, staff and guests this transformative experience creates memorable moments and more importantly, helps restore the butterfly populations in Hawai‘i and encourages gardens to thrive.

Please allow sufficient time for our team to raise your butterfly chrysalises. A minimum of 3 months lead time is required.

Learn the "3 Ways to Make Your Corporate Events Memorable by Adding Monarch Butterflies".

Add Butterfly Magic to Your Event.

Wedding guest holding up the live monarch butterfly using his phone to take photos before releasing it
1. Symbolic

A powerful yet elegant symbol across cultures and religions, butterflies can represent hope, joy, positivity, and a new beginning. Whether it be a new chapter in life, the birth of a new addition, marriage to separation, butterflies offer recipients a renewed outlook on life and give a sense of optimism for what’s ahead.

2. Eco-friendly

Less than 5% of wild monarch caterpillars actually reach their final stage of metamorphosis in transforming into a butterfly. According to recent reports, the western monarch butterfly species is on a rapid decline, with only 2,000 butterflies counted in 2020 and great potential to become an endangered species.

This alone was the catalyst for the start of Paradise Monarchs in our home garden in Hawai‘i. By giving the gift of monarch butterflies, you are helping to contribute in furthering the survival rate of a quickly dwindling species. Paradise Monarchs aims to provide the best chance of survival for this precious population in Hawai‘i.

live monarch butterfly chrysalis boxes ready for gifting as birthday and baby shower favors
3. Educational

For parents who are seeking to keep little ones entertained and informed, a chrysalis could be the solution. Teaching the next generation about butterfly conservation and the four stages of metamorphosis in the process will keep kids engaged and excited for the emersion of their “friend”.

4. Out of the Box

Beyond traditional gifts such as accessories or clothing, a monarch butterfly offers a surprise and delight to all who unbox. It’s a rare and welcome experience to open a present and receive a small yet meaningful gift.


Live Butterfly Chrysalis Box

A chance to join these majestic insects as it makes its final transformation to become a beautiful monarch butterfly.

Experience the release of your very own monarch butterfly with aloha!

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Sample of custom greeting card perfect for a special unique and special gift favor for any special occasion. Custom card available for large bulk orders.
Sample of custom card for wedding celebration available for large bulk orders as part of wedding favors.
personalize your gifts

For orders of 20 boxes or more, we will include a complimentary custom greeting card in each box from you. Write your own personal message, and we can also include your photo and/or company branding to make this gift extra special.

Gifting Experience

Allow your gift recipients to select their very own butterfly chrysalis in-person. Get the rare opportunity to learn more about the life cycle of monarch butterflies and our conservation efforts from the experts.

Please contact us for pricing and availability. 

corporate gifting experience unique and meaningful in hawaii. Table setup with live monarch butterfly chrysalis boxes ready as welcome gift and gift favors for attendees. Makes it the perfect unique and meaningful welcome gift for your company event party
corporate gifting experience with life monarch butterflies life cycle station featuring live monarch caterpillars unique to hawaii.


An interactive butterfly feeding experience
Butterfly Dome

Be up close to witness the beauty of the monarch butterflies in our mesh pop-up dome. Get the opportunity to hold the majestic insects and help us feed them with some delicious nectar. Speak to the experts inside the tent to answer all your questions about the monarchs. Learn about the life cycle of the monarch butterflies and a chance to hold the baby caterpillars.

Celebrate the conclusion of the experience with a mass butterfly release of all the butterflies inside the dome. The butterfly dome will make it the perfect addition to your event and the chance to capture beautiful photos with the butterflies.

Please contact us for pricing and availability.

Butterfly Dome:

An Interactive Butterfly Feeding Experience


Our group was totally engage from the first night they received their chrysalis. They loved coming back to their rooms to see if their new “friend” had emerged yet. Our group release was a vision of loveliness as the Monarchs took flight all around us. Thank you Henry for making this experience such a memorable one.

Cheryl C. | Além International Management

Henry is a DREAM to work with!! ...It was a HUGE hit with everyone!! I cannot stress enough how great this was! Beautifully packaged, great instructions, you can really see all the love that Henry pours into this! ...

Lauren F. | Nihon Kohden

I highly recommend Paradise Monarchs for a gift idea or for your event, large or small.  Every attendee at our event was delighted with their chrysalis gift, the packaging, and the QR code with instructions.  Henry and his professional team are striving to increase the population of the monarch butterfly while committing to sustainable practices.  One of our goals was to help spread the message of sustainable conservation and I am confident that was accomplished with 400 chrysalides given out to families on arrival day!

Emily F | Autodesk

The guests and our team all loved the experience and we felt that it was a unique and special offering. We heard from multiple guests that they have never seen anything like this before at an event. Our company is dedicated to sustainable development for generations so this is aligned perfectly to our values! Thank you for accommodating the two domes and making this a memorable experience for our guests.

Daniella R.

We contacted Henry for assistance with a big project... He was super friendly and quick to reply every time I reached out... Can't recommend enough, everyone loved it, including us!

Rebeca Z. | The Outside Life

We hired Paradise Monarchs for a butterfly release as part of our incentive program in March. We offered many activities for guests to enjoy around the property, but the butterfly release was a fun pop-up moment for our guests that differed from other activities, like tastings, art, and wellness. Children and adults alike enjoyed the experience and getting to learn about monarch butterfly preservation from Henry and team. Henry’s passion for this work is evident. He was quick to respond, thorough, and answered all my questions in detail. I would highly recommend the butterfly dome and Paradise Monarchs!

Melanie B. | ITA Group

Why Paradise Monarchs?

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100% Guarantee

Shop with confidence! Should the butterfly fail to eclose successfully, we will replace it for you.

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Raised Responsibly

All the caterpillars are raised with the highest care using best practices that will ensure the monarchs will be healthy to be released back into the nature.

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We take every effort to make each order extra special! For all large orders, we will work with you to create a special custom greeting card from you to include in each box complimentary.

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24/7 Support

Unsure of how to care for your butterfly? Fret not, each box includes a detailed information on how to care and release your butterfly. We are here to answer any questions and support you through your journey.

Discount available for orders of 15 boxes or more.

Elevate your events with some butterfly magic. Let us know how we can help!

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Discount available for orders of 15 boxes or more.