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“An old legend states that if you whisper your wish to a butterfly, and set it free, your wish will be granted.”

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Check out our Live Monarch Butterfly Chrysalis Box to experience the transformation of these majestic insects. We personalize each box by addressing it to your gift recipient. The thoughtfully curated gift favor will make any special occasion a memory one!

Classic Live Monarch Butterfly Chrysalis Box (Avail by Feb 6)

e-Gift Card

e-Gift Card


Butterfly Life Cycle Canvas Zipper Tote Bag

$5 off tote bag with chrysalis box order!

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We accept orders based on the GIFTING DATE no longer than 1 - 2 weeks advance booking window.

Add your items to the cart & provided information regarding your order. (ie, name of the gift recipient, gifting date, etc).

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Let us know which location you wish to pick up your order. Delivery on O'ahu is available for $15 fee or FREE with a minimum purchase of $120.

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Have no experience in raising monarch butterflies? Worry you don't know how to care for your chrysalis? Do not worry!

Once the monarch is in chrysalis stage, no feeding nor cleaning is require. Simply watch the transformation of your new friend, then open the box for release once ready. Each box includes a detailed care and release information. However, if you have any help, we are here to answer any questions and support you through your journey!

The release of the butterflies is not only a beautiful sight, but the gesture also symbolizes beauty, hope, joy, positivity, and a new beginning!

To make sure your chrysalis has the highest chance of survival, we do keep it for a few days to monitor its health and make sure it is safe to travel before selling it. On average, you will have 3-5 days with the chrysalis before the butterfly emerges (aka eclose). 

Place your order by completing your purchase on this website.

Every Saturday from 8am to 12pm, we also sell them at Kaka'ako Farmer's Market. The availability at the market is based on first come first serve, with each box includes a generic welcome note. To guarantee your order, we highly recommend to pre-order your box(es) on this website. All advance online order will include personalized welcome note address to your gift recipient. 

As the monarch butterflies are wild insects, there is a 3-5% chance on average that it may not complete its emerging successfully. Should your chrysalis fail to complete its eclosing, we will replace it in the next available batch. Please contact us if you think your chrysalis did not make it. Replacement will be available for pick up in Ewa Beach or delivery service is available for a fee.

All orders are available for free pick up in Ewa Beach (near Ka Makana Ali’i) or at the Kaka'ako Farmers Market every Saturday from 8am - 12pm. Free delivery on O’ahu available for $120 minimum order or subject to $15 fee.

Free pick up at 91-1160 Kamakana Street, Ewa Beach, HI 96706 (near Ka Makana Ali'i & Coral Creek Golf Course). Driving direction will be shared when order is ready. 

Every Saturday from 8am to 12pm, we also sell them at Kaka'ako Farmer's Market based on first come first serve. 

Visit our "Where To Buy" page for list of our upcoming pop-ups.

At this time, we only sell it on O’ahu. Traveling with your chrysalis to neighbor islands is permitted. We recommend to hand carry the box.

Regretfully, it’s not possible to ship outside of Hawaii legally. 

We require 100% full payment to secure your online order. Once it is confirmed, we will raise and reserve the chrysalis for you. The deposit is non-refundable and we do not allow cancellation. 

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100% Guarantee

Shop with confidence! Should the butterfly fail to eclose successfully, we will replace it for you.

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Raised Responsibly

All the caterpillars are raised with the highest care using best practices that will ensure the monarchs will be healthy to be released back into the nature. Click here to learn more about our raising method.

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We take every effort to make each order extra special! Each chrysalis box includes a personalized welcome note address to your gift recipient .

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24/7 Support

Unsure of how to care for your butterfly? Fret not, each box includes a detailed information on how to care and release your butterfly. We are here to answer any questions and support you through your journey.

A Unique Unboxing Experience: Monarch Butterflies

Got a celebration coming up - birthday, wedding, baby shower, anniversary, graduation, promotion or retirement? Let us help you brighten someone's day!

Young girl holding a live monarch butterfly chrysalis clear box giving a new baby monarch butterfly a kiss before releasing it in Hawaii


For parents who are seeking to keep little ones entertained and informed, a chrysalis could be the solution. Teaching the next generation about butterfly conservation and the four stages of metamorphosis in the process will keep kids engaged and excited for the emersion of their “friend”.
A women lady holding a live monarch butterfly before releasing it. The monarch butterfly has beautiful orange with black line and white dots wings.


Less than 5% of wild monarch caterpillars actually reach their final stage of metamorphosis in transforming into a butterfly. According to recent reports, the western monarch butterfly species is on a rapid decline, with only 2,000 butterflies counted in 2020 and great potential to become an endangered species.
A young girl with a live monarch butterfly on her nose face. Super excited to have her monarch butterfly on her putting her hands to her face.


A powerful yet elegant symbol across cultures and religions, butterflies can represent hope, joy, positivity, and a new beginning. Whether it be a new chapter in life, the birth of a new addition, marriage to separation, butterflies offer recipients a renewed outlook on life and give a sense of optimism for what’s ahead.
monarch butterfly release chrysalis gift box. A live butterfly release to climb outside the box ready for release on Oahu Hawaii.

Out of the box.

Beyond traditional gifts such as accessories or clothing, a monarch butterfly offers a surprise and delight to all who unbox. It’s a rare and welcome experience to open a present and receive a small yet meaningful gift.
perfect as
Wedding Favors

For those in search of thoughtful and meaningful gifts to celebrate the once in a lifetime occasion, a vibrant and fascinating chrysalis transformation could be just it. A beautiful Monarch butterfly emerging from a chrysalis to take flight for the first time is an awe-inspiring sight. The butterfly’s emergence from its chrysalis is symbolic of happiness, hope, positivity, and fresh beginnings. These sentiments echo those at the heart of every wedding celebration and are a wonderful reflection of each couples’ new chapters together.

It’s a rare and welcoming experience to open a present and receive a small yet meaningful gift. With the release of the butterflies, it will allow your loved ones to share their warm wishes for your new journey. Give your friends and family the gift that will make their heart flutter!

or special
Eco-friendly Gift Favors

Brighten a friend or family member and bring gift-giving to a new level. Regardless of occasion, monarch butterflies are a fit for many pivotal moments in life.

Giving your guests the present of a chrysalis to watch over and learn from is an educational gift that creates a lifetime memory. More importantly, the butterfly release also helps restore the butterfly populations in Hawaii and encourages gardens to thrive.

Free custom greeting cards

For orders of 20 boxes or more, we will include a complimentary custom greeting card in each box from you. Write your own personal message, and we can also include your photo and/or business brand to make this gift extra special.

Sample of custom card for wedding celebration available for large bulk orders as part of wedding favors.
Sample of custom greeting card perfect for a special unique and special gift favor for any special occasion. Custom card available for large bulk orders.

For bulk orders, contact us for special price & availability.

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