A Unique Unboxing Experience:
Monarch Butterflies


Whether it's a milestone, wedding, or celebration, many events signal new beginnings. Giving a monarch butterfly chrysalis is the ideal way to remember the occasion. Give your attendees the rare opportunity to witness the butterfly transformation and be part of repopulating monarch butterflies in Hawaii with each release. 

This one-of-a-kind experience offers a small yet meaningful gift for all involved. With the release of the butterflies, it will allow your loved ones to share their warm wishes for every celebration. Give your friends and family a gift that will make their heart flutter.

Please allow sufficient time for our team to raise your butterfly chrysalises. A minimum of 3 months lead time is required.

wedding couple and wedding guests releasing live monarch butterflies holding the clear box at a ocean front outdoor venue in Hawaii
Dinner reception at a outdoor ocean front venue in hawaii with chrysalis boxes as wedding favors placed at each seat
Beautiful asian couple releasing monarch butterfly on Oahu in Hawaii by Kualoa Ranch in celebration of expecting baby for baby moon. Butterfly was emerge or eclose from chrysalis box before releasing.
wedding couple released their live monarch butterfly and landed on the bride's bouquet
beautiful asian couple releasing live monarch butterflies from a glass box for there wedding ceremony on Oahu Honolulu hawaii

Add Butterfly Magic to Your Event.

wedding couple holding a live butterfly box ready to release it to celebrate their big day wedding
1. Make Memories

We are here to help plan and guide you through this unique gift for your special day and celebration. Many people prefer to receive the gift of an experience instead of a tangible object. Experiences create memories that help bring people closer together. Our award-winning chrysalis boxes combine the best of both worlds, allowing recipients to watch this magical transformation.

live monarch butterfly chrsyalis box at a outdoor jungle background
2. Grown and Flown Here

Direct delivery is included in all large orders on O'ahu. For neighbor islands, shipping and hand-delivery are available for additional fees. All chrysalises will be packaged properly to ensure the safety and well-being of the live insects during travel.

wedding couple holding live monarch butterfly gift box ready for release seated at their dinner reception table
3. A Unique Unboxing

Time to surprise your guests with something unexpected and meaningful! Beyond traditional gifts such as accessories or clothing, a monarch butterfly offers a surprise and delight to all who have the honor of releasing our butterflies into the wild.


Live Butterfly Chrysalis Box

A chance to join these majestic insects as it makes its final transformation to become a beautiful monarch butterfly.

Experience the release of your very own monarch butterfly with aloha! 

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Sample of custom greeting card perfect for a special unique and special gift favor for any special occasion. Custom card available for large bulk orders.
Sample of custom card for wedding celebration available for large bulk orders as part of wedding favors.
personalize your gifts

For orders of 20 boxes or more, we will include a complimentary custom greeting card in each box from you. Write your own personal message, and we can also include your photo and/or business brand to make this gift extra special.

An interactive butterfly feeding experience
Butterfly Dome

Be up close to witness the beauty of the monarch butterflies in our mesh pop-up dome. Get the opportunity to hold the majestic insects and help us feed them with some delicious nectar. Speak to the experts inside the tent to answer all your questions about the monarchs. Learn about the life cycle of the monarch butterflies and a chance to hold the baby caterpillars.

Celebrate the conclusion of the experience with a mass butterfly release of all the butterflies inside the dome. The butterfly dome will make it the perfect addition to your event and the chance to capture beautiful photos with the butterflies.

Please contact us for pricing and availability. 

Butterfly Dome:

An Interactive Butterfly Feeding Experience
Discount available for orders of 15 boxes or more.

Elevate your events with some butterfly magic. Let us know how we can help!

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Discount available for orders of 15 boxes or more.


We love working with Henry and Justin of Paradise Monarchs! The service is wonderful leading up to the butterfly and chrysalis delivery, at the actual delivery, and even after, with thoughtful follow up via email. Of course, the butterflies and chrysalis boxes were a hit, and such a special addition to the birthday party we planned, allowing the birthday celebrant to make a wish upon releasing her butterflies. Great job, Paradise Monarchs!!!

Mona, Neu Events

Henry and his team was so kind and wonderful people to work with. We had gotten married in O'ahu and wanted our guest to have a unique experience. As wedding favours, we gifted our guest chrysalis boxes and they all raved about this experience till this day. Henry and the team was very flexible and responsive throughout the whole experience. Thank you so much for making our wedding so special!

A beautiful bride holding her live monarch butterfly in a clear box ready for release for her wedding day celebration. Perfect wedding favor for her friends and family. Unique and meaningful gift favor for wedding day.
Christy K

Looking for the perfect wedding favor? Look no further!... We included these gorgeous chrysalis boxes as wedding favors and guests were thrilled! ... (our guests) shared with us how much they enjoyed the experience. Our favor boxes came with a card with a photo of us and a personalized message to our guests... All in all, I would definitely recommend the chrysalis boxes to anyone looking for a special gift, party favor, photo shoot prop, or just a fun learning experience for kids!

wedding couple holding live monarch butterfly gift box ready for release seated at their dinner reception table
Shery & Kekoa

Paradise Monarchs made our wedding feel extra special!

Releasing the monarch butterflies during our wedding felt very symbolic for new beginnings. We, along with our guests, were very mesmerized and impressed!

Definitely recommended to anyone looking for a very special and beautiful experience!

wedding couple holding live monarch butterfly gift box ready for release seated at their dinner reception table
Michelle & Jae

Paradise Monarchs made our wedding feel extra special! Releasing the monarch butterflies during our wedding felt very symbolic for new beginnings. We, along with our guests, were very mesmerized and impressed! Definitely recommended to anyone looking for a very special and beautiful experience!

Michelle N

This was such a gorgeous and meaningful experience to watch our butterfly emerge over two days and then to release it out into the world. I hadn't thought that this would be something I would ever get to witness and it was not only special, but I love the idea that we are helping the health of the butterfly population. I highly recommend this as a gift, for any occasion or ideally for your wedding or elopement.

Morgan C

The live monarch chrysalis gift favors are so different, and such a beautiful, unique experience! We loved the entire process of seeing our butterfly emerge from it's chrysalis overnight. It's great also knowing that the process helps in keeping the butterflies from becoming an endangered species.

Live monarch butterfly chrsyalis box perfect as a special unique and meaningful wedding gift favor for the celebrations. Guests love it and was holding it up to take photos before releasing the monarch butterfly into nature on Oahu, Hawaii.
Gabriella Y

The coolest wedding favor your guests will ever receive! If you are looking to blow your guests away with a totally unique and purposeful wedding favor, look no further!

Louise M

...We wanted to celebrate our wedding and make it memorable for our guests and Paradise Monarchs did just that for us! ... The best part about it was that a few days to a week later after our wedding, all our guests reached out to us to congratulate us again and tell us what a wonderful gift the chrysalids were and informed us that they it had turned into a butterfly. Everybody loved it and said it was the best wedding favor that they had ever received.

Liz Z & Chris C

Saw Paradise Monarch on Wedding Wire and the Knot and decided to reach out to them for our wedding as a favor. We received a reply immediately. Super attentive service and such a memorable experience for our wedding and our guests. This was the highlight of the event. Definitely recommend if you're not sure what to gift your guests. It's the most unique gift I have ever seen!

Nancy M & David M

Why Paradise Monarchs?

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100% Guarantee

Shop with confidence! Should the butterfly fail to eclose successfully, we will replace it for you.

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Raised Responsibly

All the caterpillars are raised with the highest care using best practices that will ensure the monarchs will be healthy to be released back into the nature.

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We take every effort to make each order extra special! For all large orders, we will work with you to create a special custom greeting card from you to include in each box complimentary.

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24/7 Support

Unsure of how to care for your butterfly? Fret not, each box includes a detailed information on how to care and release your butterfly. We are here to answer any questions and support you through your journey.

For more information, visit our FAQs page.