A Recap of Paradise Monarchs’ Contribution to the Royal Hawaiian Center Event: January Kukui-Discovery at Ka Lewa Lenai

A Recap of Paradise Monarchs’ Contribution to the Royal Hawaiian Center Event: January Kukui-Discovery at Ka Lewa Lenai

On Sunday, January 21, 2024, the Royal Hawaiian Center was abuzz with laughter, creativity, and the gentle flutter of delicate wings as families gathered for a magical event curated especially for keiki (children) and their 'ohana (families). Paradise Monarchs, in collaboration with the Royal Hawaiian Center, played a pivotal role in creating an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

Butterfly Dome: A Kaleidoscope of Colors and Wonder

The highlight of the event was, undoubtedly, the mesmerizing Butterfly Dome. We curated a captivating display of live butterflies gracefully fluttering amid their natural habitat. Keiki and their families were enchanted by the vibrant array of colors as they interacted with these delicate creatures. Complimentary nectar and sugar sticks were provided, allowing for delightful moments of connection between attendees and the butterflies as they had the opportunity to feed these majestic creatures. 

Coloring Station: Crafting Cherished Butterfly-Themed Masterpieces

At the Coloring Station, creativity took flight as keiki unleashed their artistic talents. We provided a haven for young artists to craft vibrant butterfly-themed masterpieces, ensuring that each piece became a cherished keepsake to take home. The station was alive with the joyous sounds of children expressing their creativity in a fun and engaging environment.

Life Cycle Station: An Educational Adventure

We also spearheaded the interactive Life Cycle Station, where attendees embarked on an educational adventure. This station not only informed but captivated the audience, providing valuable insights into the fascinating journey of a butterfly's life cycle. The combination of education and entertainment made it a highlight for families seeking both fun and learning.

This magical event at the Royal Hawaiian Center was further elevated by the delightful offerings of both Balloon Monsoon and Fantasy Face and Body Art. Balloon Monsoon skillfully crafted whimsical balloon animals, adding an extra element of joy to the festivities. Meanwhile, Fantasy Face and Body Art transformed attendees into beloved fantasy characters through expert face painting, creating a whimsical atmosphere that captivated both children and adults alike. 

The event culminated in an enchanting group butterfly release atop the Ka Lewa Lānai rooftop, creating a moment of shared awe and wonder for all attendees.

Together, these talented vendors, alongside our team, played pivotal roles in making our event a resounding success, garnering a crowd of over 500, and leaving lasting smiles and cherished memories for all who attended.


Join us at our next event on SUNDAY, APRIL 21, 2024 for the April Kukui-Discovery. This enchanting event offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature and explore creativity at Royal Hawaiian Center. Admission is FREE, and all ages are welcome. Join us for an afternoon filled with butterflies, art, and aloha! Click HERE to for more information.