3 Ways to Make Your Corporate Events Memorable by Adding Monarch Butterflies

corporate gifting experience by paradise monarchs in Hawaii. This makes it the perfect unique and meaningful welcome gift for attendees with live monarch butterfly chrysalis boxes.

Monarch butterflies are a constant source of fascination for all and make for the most memorable corporate gift and experience. Beyond traditional corporate gifts, such as swag accessories to macaron delights, receiving live monarch butterflies is a completely unique experience and provides a surprise and delight to all who unbox it. Monarch butterflies are a powerful yet elegant symbol that can represent hope, joy, positivity, and a new beginning. Whether it is a new chapter in your company, a big celebration, or if you simply want to uplift the atmosphere in your event, here are three ways that Monarch Butterflies can help make your event memorable and talked about for years!

1) Welcome Gifts / Reception Favors:

How does one receive a live monarch butterfly as a welcome gift you ask? Well, at Paradise Monarch’s, we offer a clear box with a live monarch butterfly chrysalis inside for those in Hawaii. As guests arrive at your event, they are welcomed with an unexpected yet meaningful package, where they will all have the chance to witness the whole transformation process from a chrysalis to a Monarch Butterfly. Companies may even add their own custom greeting cards (with their brand, personal message, and/or photos) to truly make their experience personalized and make your guests feel valued. If your event lasts multiple days, your guests will get the chance to witness the whole transformation process and make their release before the end of the program!

2) Monarch Butterfly Encounter:

In a Monarch Butterfly Tenting Experience, guests can have the rare opportunity to share a tent with Monarch Butterflies and have the experience to gently and safely hold these majestic creatures. A representative will be present on site to administer the whole process to ensure the safety of the butterflies and will also provide a life cycle education. This will make for a fun, interactive and unique learning experience. Experience creates memories, and with the tenting experience, it can help to bring people closer together.

3) Mass Monarch Butterfly Release:

Mass release of monarch butterflies offers a dramatic display as these majestic creatures are released from a single source and all take flight at the same time. The rush of color and the beauty from the wings truly make this experience unforgettable. Butterflies are often considered beautiful representations of the various stages of life. From a humble beginning in their caterpillar stage, to their dramatic transformation, these creatures demonstrate that pain, adversity, or simple change can make life even more beautiful than before.