In The Press - CPB Rising Tide Member Spotlight

In The Press - CPB Rising Tide Member Spotlight

In The Press - CPB Rising Tide Spotlight Member of the Month: Paradise Monarchs - May 17, 2022

We're pleased to share that Central Pacific Bank featured us in their member of the month spotlight as part of their Rising Tide Community Corner. Mahalo for sharing our story! You can read all about it below or view the original article here.

Founding Year: 2020

This month, we’re spotlighting Paradise Monarchs. As a local family-owned business, Paradise Monarchs’ mission is to raise monarch butterflies from eggs, while incorporating best practices to ensure the healthiest and strongest monarchs are released back into nature. The business specializes in personalized chrysalis boxes for families wanting to help preserve monarch butterflies.

 We recently asked Henry Fang, founder of Paradise Monarchs, a few questions to find out what makes his business unique.

How did the business get started?

Prior to starting my business, I worked in the hotel industry and went to school for hotel management. Sadly, like with many people, I was furloughed during the pandemic. Being bored at home, I wanted to find a project to keep me busy. I was surfing the internet one day and came across an article about monarch butterflies and how they were on the verge of becoming an endangered species. Then I began to research and learn more about monarch butterflies and eventually started raising monarch caterpillars at home for fun. Through posting about my monarch journey on social media, my business was born. My favorite part during this process was the chance to witness the transformation of a butterfly from chrysalis, therefore, I wanted to share this experience and created the “live monarch chrysalis box.”

What are the main services you provide to your customers?

We focus on one product only, which is our live monarch butterfly chrysalis box. We want to allow gift recipients the chance to witness the butterfly transformation and the chance to release monarch butterflies back into nature in hopes of growing the monarch populations in Hawaii. For holidays, we offer special themed package designs to celebrate the festivities. We also have merchandise, such as our butterfly lifecycle canvas zippered tote bag, and hopefully more in the future!

What is one thing your business is known for?

Our live monarch chrysalis boxes. All butterflies are raised responsibly from eggs, given the best care, and are specially treated with the goal to raise healthy and strong monarchs back into nature. Since the start of raising monarch butterflies, we have successfully released over 6,300 butterflies back into nature.

Please share a story about a major hurdle you had to overcome and how you were able to achieve this.

As we work with wild insects, we sometimes get people who disapprove of what we do. My approach is always to educate people and share our responsible raising methods and ensure that all caterpillars are treated with the best care. We do not keep butterflies in captivity but release all healthy monarch butterflies back into nature.

What’s the biggest risk your business ever took?

The biggest risk was quitting my full-time paying job and relocating my brother to Hawaii. It was certainly scary not having a steady paycheck, but I am so happy I did, and I’ve never looked back.

Any advice you’d like to give to someone who’s thinking about becoming a business owner?

Just go for it. Even if it is starting small selling via social media or participating in local markets. We are so blessed to have such incredible support locally for small business. Don’t be afraid and just do it!

Any involvement in the community or charitable causes?

Community involvement is very important to me. I work with Make a Wish Hawaii, Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children, HUGS, Make Lemonade, and many more in the works!

About the Spotlight Member of the Month

As part of our contest for a HI Now segment on Hawaii News Now, we asked Rising Tide members to provide information highlighting their unique businesses. While only one winner could be featured in the spot, we wanted to highlight some of the other unique businesses that submitted. This started the Spotlight Member of the Month feature, a monthly highlight of small businesses from across the islands.

Information provided by Central Pacific Bank and Henry Fang, Founder of Paradise Monarchs. 


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